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Deep Foundations

Engineered Foundation Technologies (“EFT”) is a specialty geotechnical contractor, providing deep foundation services to the New England region.

EFT utilizes a multitude of technologies to solve structural foundation and geotechnical problems, including:

  • Settling Foundation Repair:  Buildings built over poor soils are highly prone to differential settlement.  Settling foundations typically require deep foundations for permanent repair.
  • Helical Piles are a type of deep foundation that is “screwed” down into the ground, advancing through poor soils and anchoring into the stronger soils below.
  • Drilled Micropiles are a type of deep foundation that can penetrate through buried rocks/obstructions.  Drilled micropiles are typically the most expensive deep foundation EFT provides.
  • Push Piles are installed to repair a settling foundation.   They require dense glacial till and/or bedrock to attain load capacity.
  • Soil Improvement, sometimes also referred to as compaction grouting, is an alternative to a deep foundation system.   The process involves injecting an expanding polymer grout into weak subsoils.
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Polymeric Grouting

Engineered Foundation Technologies provides expanding polymeric grouting services to the Northeast region.  In essence, we are using Plastics Engineering to solve Civil Engineering problems.  This cutting edge technology can provide clients with rapid solutions and minimal disruptions.

Some of our polymer grouting services include:

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Residential Services

Engineered Foundation Technologies provides specialty foundation repair work to the Residential market.   We are experts are settling foundation repair.  Projects are reviewed by a Professional Engineer instead of a commissioned salesperson.   We do not apply high pressure sales and never expect a client to sign a contract “on the spot”.

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