About EFT

Engineered Foundation Technologies (“EFT”) provides specialty Geotechnical Construction services to the New England region. We love solving construction problems both big and small. Sinking foundations, poor soil conditions, leaking structures; we have solutions for them all!

EFT loves Engineering.

Founded in 2006 by a Licensed Engineer with a technical background in Geotechnical Design and Construction, Engineered Foundation Technologies has grown to offer a wide variety of construction technologies to the Commercial, Industrial and Residential markets. We actively work with other Structural and Geotechnical Engineering professionals throughout the Northeast to solve unique and complicated jobs. We take great pride in helping support the engineering community whenever possible.

We actively support the American Society of Civil Engineers https://www.asce.org/ and the American Welding Society.

EFT is NOT a franchise and does not employ pushy salespeople.

Although we focus on commercial construction, EFT does provide specialty repair services to homeowners. With that said, we disdain “high pressure” sales tactics that homeowners commonly experience from trained salesman armed with a script and fancy brochures.