Helical Piers at Electric Substation – Boston, MA

Helical Piers at Electric Substation – Boston, MA
January 18, 2012

Foundation Problem: The project involved the construction of a new building within a large electric substation in Boston, Massachusetts.   The site contained poor fill soils and deep foundation support was required for the new foundation.

The site contained large electric transformers and provided electricity to a significant portion of the city.  Because of the extremely sensitive equipment, minimally invasive piling technology was required to support the new building.

Helical Piers:  Helical piers were utilized to provide the required foundation support.    A total of 20 helical piles were installed, ranging in depths from 21 to 30 feet deep.   The piles effectively screwed through the poor fill soils and anchored into the suitable sands below.  The project was successfully completed in 2 working days.

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