Helical Piles – Queensbury Street – Boston, MA

Helical Piles – Queensbury Street – Boston, MA

Foundation Problem:   A brownstone, located within the Fenway Neighborhood of Boston, had been differentially settling.  The basement slab had differentially settled by over eight inches.   Several interior columns had excessive movement and deep foundation support was required as the site was underlain by a 20-ft thick deposit of organic soils.   Limited access to the basement was available and portable equipment was needed.

Helical Pile Solution: EFT mobilized a Brokk 120D demolition machine, fitted with a custom made attachment, to install helical piles.   The 31″ wide machine was able to be driven to the basement level on custom made steel ramps.    Approximately eighty helical piles were installed to support a new slab and five new columns.

Settling Foundation Repair:  A section of the original wood pile supported foundation wall had severely settled.   Test pits were done to expose several of the wood piles supporting the foundation.   Based on visual observations, the wood piles were fully intact and show no signs of rot.

To provide additional support for the 100+ year old foundation, we installed a series of push piles.  The push piles advanced just over 160-feet deep to encounter load bearing glacial till soils.    The work was successfully completed in 45 working days.

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