Settling Foundation Repair – Boston, MA

Settling Foundation Repair – Boston, MA

May 2, 2012

Foundation Repair:   This existing house in the Brighton section of Boston had severe foundation settlement.  There were several cracks in the foundation and the floors sloped steeply toward the rear of the structure.

A geotechnical engineering revealed that the property was backfilled some time ago.  The fill was also underlain by a layer or organic soils, extending to over 20 feet deep.

Helical Piles:  Engineered Foundation Technologies installed a total of 38 helical piles to support the new building loads.  The pilings advanced in the ground through the fill and organic soils, anchoring into the good sands below.  Pile lengths varied from 18 to 30 feet deep.

Once the helical piles installation were completed, a new foundation was constructed.  This new foundation was engineered to be safely held in place over the new foundation piles.

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