Settling Foundation Repair – Nashua, NH

Settling Foundation Repair – Nashua, NH

February 17, 2010

Project:  Significant foundation settlement was experienced in the rear of the house. The homeowner noticed that floors were sloping, along with cracks developing in the foundation and windows sticking. These symptoms were first observed over ten years ago and progressively got worse over time until something needed to be done.

Soil Conditions:  The site had been previously backfilled with blastrock, boulders, and concrete rubble.  An underpinning system was requred to advance through all the poor fill and anchor to the bedrock below.

Drilled Micro-Piles:  Engineered Foundation Technologies installed twenty four underpinning piles to repair the foundation.  The micro-piles were able to drill through the buried obstructions and gain bearing in the bedrock below.  After our work was done, a building mover mobilized and raised the building almost a foot to relevel the floors above.

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