Our Approach

Our Approach

Have you been given conflicting advise from different “Foundation Professionals”?  High pressure sales tactics?  We can help make sense of the problem.

With any structural repair, our first step involves understanding the root cause of the problem.  We cannot stress enough the importance of diagnostics to homeowners.   Investigative work always plays a crucial role in the execution of successful projects.  Once the source of the issue is understood, site specific solutions can then be engineered.

Please know that we do not employ commissioned salespeople and never pressure clients to hire us on the spot.

Some of our Residential Services include:

  • Settling Foundation Repairs:  Homes built upon poor soils will be highly prone to differential settlement.  Sloping floors, cracked drywall and foundation cracks all can be signs of settlement.   In New England, we have very complex soil conditions.  When it comes to repairing a settling foundation, understanding “site-specific” soil conditions is critical knowing which technologies will work as well as how much they will cost.
  • Wall Repair:  Retaining walls and basement walls can excessively shift from soil and water pressures.   Many foundations that retain soil were not properly reinforced with steel rebar, causing the foundation to laterally shift and crack.  Sometimes tiebacks are required to stabilize a retaining wall.  In addition, poor drainage can commonly cause excessive shifting in walls.
  • Carbon Fiber Repairs are done to reinforce cracked concrete foundations and walls.

Please know that although our company’s focus is on commercial and industrial applications, we will still continue to help homeowners.    When reaching out, please be prepared to share pictures and whatever relevant information you have on the problem.   As we do not employ commissioned salesman, we cannot send somebody to “take a look” without knowing if we may be a good fit for your project.

Contact us to see how we can help with your problem.

Serving New England:  Massachusetts – New Hampshire – Maine – Rhode Island – Vermont  – Connecticut