Push Piles

Push Piles

Push piles, also referred to as resistance piers, are an underpinning system that utilizes the weight of a building to advance sections of pipe into the ground.   This system works best for buildings built over very soft soil with hardpan/bedrock within a reasonable distance below grade.

This technology is one of the methods EFT utilizes to repair settling foundations.

Advantages of Push Piers include:

  • 100% field verification of capacities.
  • Strong ability to lift/re-level settling foundations.
  • Zero vibration installation.
  • Installs with highly portable equipment.

A thorough Geotechnical Investigation should be performed prior to installing push piers.

Push piers are greatly hampered by the presence of large rocks/rubble in the ground…….even a “basketball” sized rock can greatly disrupt a push pile installation.

Engineered Foundation Technologies (“EFT”) Push Pile project include:

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