Slabjacking, also  known as mudjacking, is a process for lifting settled concrete slabs.   The work starts with drilling penny sized holes in the concrete.   An expanding polymer grout is then injected, ultimately lifting the concrete from below.   In many cases, slabjacking is a faster and more economical solution when compared to “ripping and replacing” the concrete.  We also routinely work inside occupied areas with minimal disruption.

Benefits of polymer slabjacking include:

  • Small injection holes:  Polymer slabjacking only requires 5/8″ diameter holes be drilled through the concrete.   Traditional mudjacking requires 1-1/2″ holes.
  • Fewer holes:  Polymer concrete raising requires far fewer holes as compared to traditional mudjacking.  This helps preserve the integrity of the slab.
  • Cleaner jobsite:  High-tech polymer injections are much cleaner than cement-based grouts.   There is no daily cleanout of a hopper and concrete lines.
  • Fast set-time:   Polymer grouts achieve 90% strength in approximately 15 minutes, providing almost immediate load capacity.
  • Less disruption:   Buildings with settling concrete can be greatly impacted during the repair process.   Polymer slabjacking provides an almost disruption free repair alternative and this is especially realized for businesses that occupy buildings with settling concrete.

Engineered Foundation Technologies slabjacking projects:

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