A Tieback is a structural element installed in the earth, typically used to provide tensile forces to a wall, including both a foundation wall and a retaining wall.   Tiebacks prevent a wall from laterally sliding, buckling outward or even tipping over (overturning).

Engineered Foundation Technologies (“EFT”) installs tiebacks to support new retaining structures as well as stabilize existing walls.    We routinely provide technical expertise on tiebacks to other Professional Engineers.

Some of the tieback systems we install include:

  • Plates Anchors:  This system involves burying a large steel plate in the earth to provide tensile capacity.  Plate anchors are very similar to traditional “deadman” anchors.
  • Helical Piles are commonly used to provide lateral support in soils that do not contain buried rocks and/or bedrock.
  • Drilled Piles can be installed through soils that contain a high proportion of rocks.  Drilled piles also can be advanced into bedrock to provide load capacity.
  • Rock Anchors are used to provide tensile capacity in bedrock.   Small diameter holes can be advanced using a drifter mounted on a mast.   A tendon or steel rod can be grouted into the rock to provide capacity.

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